The following Rules and Regulations have to be adhered by the students during the course of their training.


Students are required to attend the classes reqularly as per schedule. Absentism without valid reason and prior intimation will not be accepted.

If a student remains absent from class for more than 7 consecutive days without prior intimation or any valid reason, his/her registration shall be summarily cancelled. After the registration is cancelled, the student will not be allowed to attend further classes at the institute.

Course Duration and Completion

All courses have been designed with a time-tested timeline and the course duration of every course has been specified accordingly.

Therefore, students are required to attend thier classes regularly and ensure that the course is completed within the stipulated time-frame.

An additional grace period of maximum of 15 days will be allowed to a student for completion of the course beyond the stipulated duration if the delay is only due to reasons other that frequent absentism.

Re-registration and Continuation

If a student fails to complete their course within the stipulated duration including the additional grace period, the current registration of the student will stand cancelled. For further continuation of the training he/she will have to re-register for the said course and pay the requisite fees on monthly basis, the amount of which will be calculated on the original fees equated on monthly average against the stipulated course duration.

Leniency in Cancellation of Registration and Re-registration

Leniency in cancellation of Registration and Re-registration will be considered for a student if the delay in completion of the course is due to long period of absentism on grounds of serious ill-health, any major mishap in the family or being subject to extreme adverse conditions not in his or her control.In such cases, the student has to submit valid documentary evidence for the same on the basis of which the leniency would be considered.

Refund of Fees

Fees once paid after enrollment and registration will not be refunded. However, in special cases the refund of the fees will be considered if the students is unable to continue with the training due to critical adverse circumstances beyond his or her control. In such cases, the refund will be made after deducting the proportionate fees for the portion of the course covered, subject to a minimum cancellation charges of 25% of the fee amount received. The student has to produce adequate documentary evidence for his/her inability to continue with the course to be eligible for the refund.

The refund , if any, will be done on the following month of the date of cancellation of registration subject to a minimum of 21 days from the date of cancellation.

Issuing of Course Completion Certificate

Course Completion Certificate will be issued to students only after they have completed their entire course, including project work.

Job Placement

Guaranteed Job Placement will be provided to students of Job-oriented Courses only after they have completed their entire course, including project work.